Instructors & Helpers


All of our Black Belt Instructors are WKSA® Certified. Each Instructor has a direct lineage that can be traced all the way to Kuk Sa Nim, Grandmaster Suh.


Sa Bum Nim Eric Morales

4th Degree Black Belt, Assistant Master Instructor/Head Instructor

25 Years of Kuk Sool Experience

SBN Eric has won several Grand Championship State and World titles including Men’s !st Dahn World Champion 2002 in South Korea, and Men’s 4th Dahn Grand Champion at the most recent WKSA World Tournament 2018 held in Houston, TX

Sa Bum Nim Eric has been teaching actively since 2001, and has taught students from age 5 years to 71, and has instructed all levels from beginner/student to Instructor Level.

SBN Eric is a direct student under the guidance of Senior Master Suh, Sung Woo “Alex”, one of the Grandmaster’s four sons.


Grace Marlow

Dahn Bo Nim (Black Belt Candidate)

Grace is a San Marcos native, and began her training as a private student under Sa Bum Nim Eric. Grace is scheduled to begin Black Belt Testing in August 2019.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Grace has helped several students by supplementing their practice with bodywork from a martial artist’s perspective.


Sa Bum Nim Darryl Gholston

4th Degree Black Belt, Assistant Master Instructor

Sa Bum Nim Gholston is the Head Instructor at Kuk Sool Won™ EANES ISD, in Austin, TX, and makes frequent visits to practice with SBN Eric, as well as teach. SBN, Gholston is also a student of Master Suh, Sung Woo “Alex”

25 Years of Kuk Sool Training in Europe and the U.S.

Numerous WKSA Black Belt Grand Championships and Gold Medals in Europe & the U.S.

Awarded #1 School in St. Louis Missouri, Regional Championships

Retired U.S. Air Force, 20 yrs active duty service.


Jo Kyo Nim Riley Murphy

1st Degree Black Belt Instructor

JKN Riley Murphy is a transfer from Kuk Sool Won™ of Oak Hill, where he trained with Master Instructor Tim King. Master Tim King, was among SBN Eric’s early instructors and influences. Just another example of how Kuk Sool Won is one big family. We’re honored to have a young Black Belt here to serve as an example to our youth.

JKN Riley is currently attending Texas State University.


Jason Brazil

Dahn Bo Nim (Black Belt Candidate)

Jason began practicing and learning Kuk Sool Won™ as a private student of SBN Eric, and was the first official student of Kuk Sool Won™ of San Marcos.

Jason has a positive energy and is scheduled to begin Black Belt Testing in August 2019.

Jason is also a Licensed Massage who specializes in injury rehabilitation. He has a passion for helping people heal on all levels.