People who DON’T practice Kuk Sool:

“I’ve always wanted to try Martial Arts.”

People who DO practice Kuk Sool:

“I wish I had started learning this sooner.”


Starting positions available/No experience necessary

No, you don’t need to “get in shape” or have any martial arts experience in order to begin your journey in learning the Traditional Korean Martial Art of Kuk Sool Won™. Kuk Sool Won™, as taught by WKSA® Certified Black Belt Instructors, uses a unique, scientific and systematically designed curriculum to guide a student from foundation level to Black Belt level.

Anyone, regardless of fitness level or other martial arts experience, starts at the foundation level (White Belt).

Curriculum can also be customized to meet special needs, past injuries or any current physical conditions. We have students from ages 4 to 71 years of age, and of all shapes and sizes. No excuses, and no reason to wait to begin taking classes! Anyone can learn so come on by and get started NOW!

TO JOIN, please DROP IN for a free FIRST CLASS

or Call/Email ahead to schedule 512.667.9766 //

We Teach Love!

Sa Bum Nim Eric’s Instructor, Master Suh, once said about Kuk Sool that, “Ultimately, we teach love.”

SBN Eric has taken this message to heart. At Kuk Sool Won™ of San Marcos, we make minds and bodies strong, all within a safe and positive learning environment.

True strength carries within it the ability to be devastatingly forceful as well as benevolently gentle. When one is strong, there is no fear. When there is no fear, there is only love.


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(Includes student uniform)

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