image by Parker Thornton

image by Parker Thornton

Sa Bum Nim Eric - 4th Degree Chief Instructor/Assistant Master


1993-1997 - After practicing two separate hard style martial arts, SBN Eric was introduced to Kuk Sool (1993) and began training under Instructor Mando Olivarez, (Edinburg, TX)

1998-2005 - studied and taught at South Austin Kuk Sool Won under Master Dewain Perry, (Austin, TX)

2002 - promoted to 1st Dahn, and awarded Grand Champion in Men's Division at the Kuk Sool Won™ World Tournament in Gyeong Ju, South Korea, and performed with a demonstration team on live Korean ESPN 

2005-2007 - Invited by Master Suh, "Alex" Sung Woo  to live as a resident instructor at Kuk Sool Won™ of Tomball, located at the  WKSA HQ training facility in Tomball, TX.  During this time period, Eric was promoted to 2nd dahn, and upon leaving HQ began testing for 3rd Dahn.

2007-2009 - resumed training at South Austin Kuk Sool Won™, promoted to 3rd Dahn

2010-2012 -operated a WKSA Club (part-time school) in San Marcos, TX, maintaining a small group of private students.  Began testing for 4th Dahn.

2013-2014 - hiatus

2015-2017 - during this time, Eric resumed intensive training  under Master Alex Suh at WKSA HQ and with Kuk Sa NIm's permission resumed testing for 4th dahn. 

August 2017 - promoted to 4th Dahn,  (Assistant Master)

November 2017 -Officially opened Kuk Sool Won™ of San Marcos, a full-time training facility.

October 2018 - WKSA 60th Anniversary World Championships, awarded Grand Champion for 4th Dahn Men’s Division.

TODAY - Still Practicing, still learning, still sharing and continuing to grow.  

Eric Morales also has a BA in English/Literature and is a published writer and photographer.